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Nick Kelly

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Name: Nick Kelly

From: Joplin, MO

Works at: Meteorologist at KOAM TV in Joplin, MO

About Nick:

Nick has listened to KSHE for as long as he can remember. While he can’t remember exactly when he started listening, he definitely remembers starting his KSHE listening when he was really young in the early 90s. If he or his family were searching for something to listen to, whether it was at home or in the car, they always wound up on KSHE!

Nick says a lot of radio stations have come and gone while he was growing up in St. Louis. He loves how KSHE has been nothing but rock for 50 years and hopes the station will keep at it for many more years to come!

Nick really digs how unique the KSHE library is and that KSHE plays some great songs that he doesn’t hear anywhere else!

Nick’s dad’s DJ record collection is pretty much a smaller KSHE catalog with one of the crates sporting vintage KSHE Sweetmeat bumper stickers!

Nick had to move to Joplin for a job back in 2011, and says there are no rock stations down there that can hold a candle to KSHE. Not only can he get KSHE on his phone so he can catch KSHE Klassics each Sunday and share with his mom what the U-Man played, the station gets him through each day whether it’s work or play!

KSHE songs that get Nick through the day:

Yes – Roundabout, The Cars – Bye Bye Love, Tarney Spencer Band – No Time To Lose, Rush – Limelight, Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe, Jackson Browne – Boulevard, Missouri – Movin’ On, Doucette – Mama Let Him Play, Eagles – Hotel California, Joe Walsh – Walk Away

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