Real Rock Army

Nathaniel Miller of Mascoutah, IL


Nathaniel Miller of Mascoutah, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Nathaniel loves the KSHE personalities. He says it makes the station so much more enjoyable compared to other stations who have a corporate feel to them

Nathaniel is in high school at Mascoutah High

Nathaniel is in the Boy Scouts and on the verge of getting his Eagle badge

Nathaniel loves to drive around with the radio on, especially on a nice day when he has nothing going on

Nathaniel has 2 brothers, Jake and Ben, and his family owns a company called BCI Construction and KSHE is always on in the back shop

Nathaniel remembers hearing KSHE way back when he was 5 years old heading into St. Louis to come visit his family when they lived in Kansas City. Ever since he’s moved here, KSHE has always been his default radio station

KSHE songs Nathaniel wanted to hear today:

Rush – Fly by Night
The Doobie Brothers – Black Water
Boston – Peace of Mind

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