Real Rock Army

Nancy Clark


Name: Nancy Clark

From: Alton, IL

Works at: The U.S. Postal Service

About Nancy:

Nancy loves KSHE. She started listening in 1978.

KSHE has been the backdrop for many of Nancy’s fond memories. She says, “Who could forget U-Man crooning ‘Nights At White Castle’? Or the infamous call to Iran, Bras Across the Waters, or the ‘Salute to Axl Rose’?”

Nancy thinks U-Man is very entertaining, and she has a deep respect for his musical knowledge. She also admires how Lern keeps up with him.

Nancy adds, “Also, where would we be without Nick Bacott’s poetry?”

KSHE songs that get Nancy through the day:

Touch – Don’t You Know What Love Is; Sammy Hagar – You Make Me Crazy; Styx – Renegade; The Blend – The Prize; Head East – Never Been Any Reason; Bad Company – Feel Like Makin’ Love; Puddle Of Mudd – Control; The Tarney/Spencer Band – No Time To Lose; Moxy – Sail On Sail Away; Argent – Hold Your Head Up

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