Real Rock Army

Missy Minehart


Name: Missy Minehart

From: Cedar Hill, MO

About Missy:

Missy has been listening to KSHE since she was a kid!

Missy loves listening to KSHE in the morning because it starts her day off right!

Missy loves love classic rock music and everything about KSHE!

Missy’s boyfriend, Kevin, has been teaching her to learn to play the drums and she totally loves it!

Missy loves all genres of music, but mostly listens to 80s hair bands and classic rock from the late 60s and 70s!

KSHE songs that get Missy through the day:

Never Say Goodbye – Rick Derringer, Freewill – Rush, Calling Dr. Love – KISS, Magnet And Steel – Walter Eagan, Lady – Styx, Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon, Already Gone – Eagles, Your Wildest Dreams – Moody Blues, Give A Little Bit – Supertramp

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