Real Rock Army

Mike Wood

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Name: Mike Wood

From: Valley Park, MO

Works at: D & S Carwash Equipment Company High Ridge MO 

About Mike:

Mike started listening to KSHE back in 1972 and he’s been a loyal listener ever since!

Mike loves that KSHE doesn’t repeat a song in a day, and he says the jocks at KSHE are the best! He loves that KSHE plays nothing but good ole rock and roll!

KSHE songs that get Mike through the day:

Jerry Doucette – Mama Let Him Play; Mason Proffit – Two Hangmen; Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills; AC/DC – Sin City, Thunderstruck; Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion; Deep Purple -Smoke On The Water, My Woman From Tokyo, Highway Star; Glenn Frey – Party Town

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