Real Rock Army

Mike Sturma

Name: Mike Sturma

From: Columbia, IL

Works at: Mike is retired from the St. Louis Veterans Hospital and now works at Mike’s Silver and Stones where he does lapidary work (grind and polish stones) and is a Silversmith. He makes custom ordered silver jewelry with very unique stones from all over the world.

Mike has been listening to KSHE since 1967 when it all began. He went to Bayless High School (class of 68) and used to visit the station in Crestwood often. He says KSHE blew all the other stations away! 

Mike is an Army Veteran and was away from St. Louis for a while. He moved back to St. Louis in 1983 and immediately started listening to the greatest Rock Radio station again.

Mike likes the music of KSHE and the old time DJs that have made the station what it is today.

KSHE music that get Mike through the day: 
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
Grand Funk Railroad; 
Blind Faith
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Bob Seger

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