Real Rock Army

Mike Marshall


Mike Marshall from St. Louis, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Mike likes KSHE’s commitment to the rock and roll community

Mike has attended the KSHE Kite Fly’s, Birthday Parties, Superjams and more events that he can remember that the station hosted

Mike remembers when bands used to play at the drive-ins before the movies

Mike remembers when the KSHE Ticket Window was actually a window that had tickets handed out of them

Mike is proud to say that four generations of his family are KSHE listeners … his parents, himself, his children and his grandchildren

Mike has worked several different jobs including doing security for some KSHE events

Mike says he is one of the best damn car singers to the radio there is

Mike collects kid’s metal lunch boxes, license plates, art and a few KSHE relics when he can find them

KSHE songs Mike wanted to hear today:

AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Van Halen – Hot For Teacher
The Allman Brothers Band – One Way Out

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