Real Rock Army

Mike Arnold

Name: Mike Arnold

From: Swansea, IL

Works at: Village of Swansea

Mike has been listening to KSHE since 1973/74. He listens to it at work and in his car. His first memory of KSHE is the King Biscuit Flower Hour.

Mike likes Favazz, Lern and U-Man! He also likes the variety of new and old music and the no repeat radio. His favorites are the Klassics Show and The 7th Day.

Mike has a 13-year-old daughter who loves that Lern is a DJ! She even met Lern once! Although his daughter’s tastes in music are a little different from his, she likes listening to KSHE!

KSHE songs that get Mike through the day: 
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench, My Hero, Times Like These, These Days & I should have known
Mama’s Pride – Blue Mist, Ole St. Lou & Can I Call You A Cab
Tool – Sober
Blue October – Hate Me

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