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Michele Hulsey of Saint Ann, MO

Michele Hulsey Rra

Michele Hulsey of Saint Ann, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Michele has been listening to KSHE since she was 12 years old, starting in 1975/1976

Michele loves classic rock music and listening to the KSHE Morning Rock Show on her way to work

Michele and her friend were just talking about Sweetmeat and their other friend from Nebraska had no idea what they were talking about. Michelle says they are so lucky to grow up with such an amazing radio station that she can still talk about 40 years later

Michele has been married for 33 years with 2 grown children and 2 adorable grandsons. She currently takes care of her grandsons and mom during the day

Michele loves to paint and listen to music

Michele and her husband go to 6 – 10 concerts a year. Their favorite date night is a few beers and live music

KSHE songs Michele wanted to hear today:

Styx – Renegade
Rush – Working Man
Metallica – The Unforgiven

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