Real Rock Army

Michael Haynes of Alton, IL

Michael Haynes Rra

Michael Haynes of Alton, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Michael likes KSHE’s longevity and commitment to classic rock that’s never wavered over so many years

Michael is as old as KSHE

Michael is an IT Project Manager

Michael has 2 boys, Conner (26) and Ryan (22), who both have an appreciation for classic rock as well

Michael is engaged to Amy and one of their favorite things to do is going to classic rock concerts at Riverport Amphitheater (which he will always call it). They usually see 6-8 shows every summer

Michael plays in a classic rock cover band called Seven7h Son. When people ask him what kind of music they play, he always says KSHE classic rock

KSHE songs Michael wanted to hear today:

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
Black Sabbath – War Pigs / Luke’s Wall
Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Know

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