Real Rock Army

Matthew Manning

Name: Matthew Manning

From: Dupo, IL            

Works at: Matthew works for Ash Wipers Chimney Sweep. He has worked there for over 20 years.

Matthew has been listening to KSHE since 1970. He and his fiancée would go up to the window at the old studio to get Schtuff.

He likes rock and roll in the mornings with John and Lern.

Matthew has a tattoo of Sweetmeat on his left shoulder.

Matthew has won a lot of prizes from KSHE over the years. He also donates blood at most of the blood drives.

Matthew is 51 years old. He is engaged to his first true love after 30 years of being apart. 

KSHE songs that get Matthew through the day:

Journey-Open Arms

Faithfully-Lovin Touching Squeezing Another

REO Speedwagon-Riding The Storm Out

U-Man- Nights at White Castle

Ted Nugent-Cat Scratch Fever


Side A-Fly By Night

Meatloaf-2 out of 3 Aint Bad

Styx-Come Sail With Me

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