Real Rock Army

Matthew Frenzel of Manchester, MO


Matthew Frenzel of Manchester, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Matthew really likes that KSHE has been around, and on his radio his entire life, and he can still enjoy some of the same songs his parents were rocking out to back in the day

Matthew was born and raised in St. Louis and went to Lutheran South

Matthew and his beautiful wife, Heidi, have a son named Parker and 2 of the best dogs ever, Blaze and Turner. Little Parker was kind enough to let them watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals before heading off to the hospital the next morning to be born, earning him an official 2nd middle name of Stanley

Matthew is a chiropractor in the Shrewsbury/Webster Groves area, where he runs his own practice, St. Louis Healthcare Solutions. He is grateful to have great patients that make coming into work every day enjoyable. He couldn’t have a better family or career and feels truly blessed

Matthew really enjoys every day of life. He likes to hike with his family and have bonfires & drinks with friends. He likes Budweiser and Busch, Jack & Coke, as well as a nice glass of Riesling

Matthew has bowled a couple 300 games, loves to play hockey (huge Blues fan), and loves sports in general

Matthew likes to talk and BS … health, politics, current topics, sports … you name it … he has a thought or opinion

KSHE songs Matthew wanted to hear today:

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
ZZ Top – La Grange
Aerosmith – Dream On

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