Real Rock Army

Matilda Mitchell

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Name: Matilda Mitchell

From: Carlinville, IL

About Matilda:

Matilda is a student at Carlinville High School.

Matilda has been listening to KSHE her whole life, thanks to her parents who are longtime KSHE listeners.

Matilda enjoys the rock & roll KSHE plays, and she thinks Sweetmeat is a cool mascot.

Matilda plays football and enjoys any sport that involves physical contact.  She enjoys winning and beating up on the boys in her class!

Matilda has two older brothers and one younger, so she knows how to stand up for herself!

KSHE songs that get Matilda through the day:

Sammy Hagar – Mas Tequila; Night Ranger – Sister Christian; Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City, Welcome To The Jungle, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door; The Eagles – Hotel California; AC/DC – Big Balls; Shinedown – Simple Man (Cover)

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