Real Rock Army

Mary Caldwell of O’Fallon, MO


Mary Caldwell of O’Fallon, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Mary loves everything about KSHE. More than anything, just how the station stayed the course. She feels so proud to talk about KSHE and the oldest rock station in the world

Mary is up bright and early in the morning for her job and she loves the Morning Show Klassic and the U-Man + some Favazz. They have small chats on messenger regarding Fleetwood Mac and other topics

Mary loves Lern’s laugh and she is thrilled to hear Mark Klose on the airwaves again! His voice takes her way back and makes an old gal feel pretty good

Mary has three cats named Skyler, Franklin, and Liza. They listen to KSHE too

Mary spent 25 years at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley campus. (Favazz is one of their famous graduates!) She was the “one woman shop” producing / shooting / editing video for the campus and district

Mary currently drives for OATS transit delivering people with disabilities from home to their jobs and back again. It’s a very rewarding job and they all listen to KSHE

Mary also teaches Computer Technology and Operations Management part time at Lindenwood University

Mary’s pic is of her wearing her KSHE classic t-shirt in 1985 and she still has it! It was taken by her good friend Barb Russell who passed away two years ago. She was a wonderful photographer and she’s really proud of that photo

KSHE songs Mary wanted to hear today:

Stevie Nicks – Stand Back
Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick
Blue Öyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

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