Real Rock Army

Marty Busekrus


Name: Marty “from South Florida” Busekrus

From: Coconut Creek, FL

Works at: A commercial real estate firm in South Florida. Would give a shout out to my commercial real estate guys at Sansone Group in Clayton and all of my family in Belleville, IL who still listen!

About Marty:

Marty started listening to KSHE in 1988’ish. His uncle would always listen and he hooked him on it

Marty moved away from the St. Louis area to Florida in 2001, but he still listens almost every day. He works out of his house several days a week and has it on in the background all day. He also do a ton of paddle-boarding and has a speaker that he streams to, so even when he’s out on the ocean, he’s got KSHE blaring

Marty also has a couple of KSHE t-shirts that he loves to wear when he travels. Inevitably, he runs in to someone in an airport or traveling that is from St. Louis and they immediately recognize “Sweetmeat.” He also wears it to all of the Cardinals spring training games

Marty is a big fan. He’s got KSHE stickers on his cooler that straps down to his paddle-board as well. When St. Louis friends/family come in town, they love it

Marty likes that KSHE’s music selection is more than just the well known tunes. It seems like there’s a very wide variety of music. He also likes that the same DJ’s have been there forever, it seems. It’s nice to live in Lauderdale, but recognize the voices from when he was a kid

KSHE songs that get Marty through the day:

Born to be Wild, Feel Like Makin’ Love, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Even Flow, One

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