Real Rock Army

Mark Lynn

Mark Lynn Rra

Name: Mark Lynn

From: Pekin, IL

About Mark:

Mark likes all the great KSHE DJ’s

Mark likes all the KSHE concerts and contests

Mark likes that there are few commercial interruptions on KSHE

Mark is married with 4 kids … one deceased, three grown and flown the nest and two grandsons

Mark loves riding his Harley and spending time with his wife

Mark like to restore many old thrown away items, camping, fishing and listening to rock and roll

KSHE songs that get Mark through the day:

Anything by Led Zeppelin
Anything by Kiss
Anything by Ted Nugent
Anything by Rush
Anything by ZZ Top
Anything by Aerosmith
Anything by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Anything by Pat Travers
Anything by Joe Bonamassa
Anything by Molly Hatchet


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