Real Rock Army

Mark Farmer


Name: Mark Farmer

From: Brighton, IL

Works at: H and B Ham Company in Brighton, IL

About Mark:

Mark has been listening to KSHE since 1974, when he put an AM/FM converter in his ’67 Chrysler!

Mark listens every day while at work at H and B Ham Company. After work, he gets in his truck and listens to KSHE the whole drive home!

A few years ago, during a cancer surgery, Mark had to have his left eardrum removed. So he turns up KSHE a little louder now!

Mark was very good friends with Jay Oller, a KSHE Sales account rep who, sadly, was killed in a car accident years ago while delivering concert tickets to a client. (Every year since then, in honor of Jay, the KSHE-95 and Emmis-St. Louis staff members have had an annual “Jay Oller Pot Luck Lunch”.)  

KSHE songs that get Mark through the day:

Billy Idol – White Wedding; Tom Petty – Free Fallin’; George Thorogood – Bad To The Bone; The Who – Bargain; Aerosmith – Janie’s Got A Gun; David Bowie – Rebel Rebel; Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock; Eagles – Victim Of Love; Van Halen – Finish What You Started; Uriah Heep – Stealin’

Congratulations to Mark Farmer from Brighton, IL, our “Listener of the Day”!

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