Real Rock Army

Mark Duckworth of Auburn, WA


Mark Duckworth of Auburn, WA joined the Real Rock Army today!

Mark says that as a listener who started on DAY 1, he’s always had his radio tuned to 94.7FM whenever he was in town. Living in the Seattle area, he appreciates listening online during the day. This was the music he grew up with. He loved listening to album rock – even during those terrible disco days – HAHA!

Mark says when he heard about KSHE’s 50th anniversary, he realized that it’s a really long time to be on-air and an even longer time to be a big fan. While he may be getting older, the music is timeless

Mark’s sisters still live in St. Louis, as do most of his relatives and longtime friends. He tries to get into town at least once a year, but it’s starting to be because of funerals, rather than other significant events

Mark has his wife of 38 years by his side and his 3 kids and 2 grandkids spread out around the country. This affords him the opportunity to swing by regularly and refresh himself with St. Louis nostalgia

Mark tells people all the time that St. Louis is a great place to be from! KSHE is a big part of it too

Mark is retired now, but the radio (or computer) is tuned to KSHE all day

Mark says hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest is unlike doing the same in the Midwest, but it’s still one of his favorite activities

KSHE songs Mark wanted to hear today:

Heart – Barracuda
Golden Earring – Radar Love
Styx – Come Sail Away

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