Real Rock Army

Mark Andrew Southerland of Mount Pleasant, TX


Mark Andrew Southerland of Mount Pleasant, TX joined the Real Rock Army today!

Mark is a long-time, long-distant fan and says KSHE is the BEST station he has ever listened to no matter where he’s been

Mark thanks KSHE for giving him something in his life to this day that allows him to get away from it all and remember where he was when he heard it for the first time

Mark thanks KSHE for his appetite for great music and says that after family, music is his life

Mark was born in Columbia, MO and lived in Clarkson, Afton with his grandparent’s until their home on Grenadeir and Holgate Drive in Manchester (Ballwin) was finished

Mark’s older half-brother, Dean, was the one who introduced him to KSHE and just before leaving for the USAF, he put his first electric guitar in his hand

Mark began playing guitar in 1975 with Ace Frehley, Jimi Hendrix, and Gary Richrath as the sound he was shooting for

Mark is a USAF Disabled Vet of Desert Shield / Storm

Mark, after leaving Salt Lake, returned to N.E. Texas where he met his wife on April 20, 1989, 10 days before reporting to basic training. They have 3 kids, Jackson, Lauren and Cailyn Ann

Mark’s computer has almost 600GB of music on it from his CD’s and traded rare bootlegs of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Every year, he makes a trip to Dallas to visit his grave site, clean off his plaque, and place one Medium Fender pick on it

KSHE songs Mark wanted to hear today:

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy
REO Speedwagon – Roll with the Changes

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