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Marie Wilson

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Name: Marie Wilson

From: Litchfield, IL

Marie started listening to KSHE in 1985 when she started driving her brother around after he lost his license. She became such a KSHE lover that she now has her son listening to KSHE.  

Marie loves everything about KSHE! From the Morning Show to Favazz and the Real Rock News, any time she turns on the radio its all good stuff!

Marie has two kids, Lacey and Dalton, and her first grandchild is on the way! She lives with the love of her life, Dennis. 

KSHE songs that get Marie through the day: 
Lynryd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Any song by Sammy Hagar or KISS 

Congratulations to Marie Wilson, 'Listener of the Day' for Monday, May 2, 2016!

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