Real Rock Army

Maria Wagner

Name: Maria Wagner

From: Villa Ridge, MO

Works at: Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority 

Maria is a young and loyal KSHE listener. She says she has been listening to KSHE for as long as she can remember, but only started listening daily five years ago when she met her husband.

Maria and her new husband Josh share a birthday with U-Man and a wedding day with Lern!

Maria wakes up and rocks with U-Man and Lern every morning! She also loves the Daily Dose and The 7th Day! 

KSHE songs that get Maria through the day: 
Bad Company – Feel Like Makin Love
The Rolling Stones –  Beast of Burden & Under My Thumb
Tom Petty – You Don’t Know How It Feels
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues & Peace Frog
Led Zeppelin – Fool in the Rain, Over the Hills, & Far Away
Queen – Under Pressure

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