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Madeline Campise

Madeline Campise Lod

Name: Madeline Campise

From: St. Louis, MO

Works at: Nanny to a 6, 4 and 2 year old + my 5 month old daughter

About Madeline:

Madeline only recently started listening to KSHE in 2017 when she started dating her boyfriend. He took her to an El Monstero concert as one of their first dates and she was hooked. Because El Monstero was one of her very first concerts, Pink Floyd holds a precious place in her heart!

Madeline loves the Daily Dose of LZ and she’s a huge Lern fan (she’s my GIRL)!

Madeline would rather listen to commercials on KSHE than switch to another station. KSHE is on their radio at home 24/7!

Madeline has a five month old daughter and nanny’s three other children for work. KSHE gets her through her day being outnumbered by little ones, but it also makes it possible for all of them to rock out together!

Madeline is nineteen years old and got pregnant very suddenly (found out the day after their first El Monstero date and they only knew each other for a month) and her life was flipped upside down. She moved out of her parent’s house, quit her job to nanny with her daughter and she hasn’t looked back. She thinks it’s her rock n’ roll soul and attitude that makes tackling life feel easy. She says you just gotta roll like a rollin’ stone

KSHE songs that get Madeline through the day:

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd, Hey You – Pink Floyd, Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin, Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin, Mama Let Him Play – Doucette, Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas, Beautiful Loser – Bob Seger, Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones, Moneytalks – AC/DC, Hells Bells – AC/DC, Live and Let Die – The Beatles, Touch Me – The Doors, No Rain – Blind Melon

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