Real Rock Army

Lisa Delaloye of Wentzville, MO


Lisa Delaloye of Wentzville, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Lisa was born and raised on KSHE

Lisa says besides the commercials, she likes everything about KSHE and she listens all day, every day

Lisa got married in 2009 and her husband enlisted in the USMC. They have traveled cross country from North Carolina to California and around the pacific, Japan. They recently came back after 4 years in Okinawa when her husband decided to root the family here to stay. Now a veteran, he is working for Ameren as her father did for 35 years

Lisa and her family now reside in Wentzville with their two adorable kids, two huskies and weenier dog

Lisa is a stay at home mom and KSHE keeps her sane

Lisa’s hobbies include going to Michaels and buying crafts, then getting home and not actually doing said craft, mainly because that is a different hobby completely

Lisa still loves to travel, doesn’t matter where, and of course listening to KSHE

KSHE songs Lisa wanted to hear today:

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Aerosmith – Dream On
Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son

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