Real Rock Army

Lindsey Weissenfluh of Crystal City, MO


Lindsey Weissenfluh of Crystal City, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Lindsey says KSHE puts its heart into everything they do

Lindsey comes from a family with 6 kids and she’s the youngest daughter

Lindsey gets her love of KSHE from both of her parents

Lindsey is a nanny to a 9 month old baby and a 6 year old

Lindsey spends her free time by the river and creeks on warm days and she’s a big lover of camping

Lindsey likes throwing parties, but in her down time she loves to read

Lindsey is planning her wedding, which she says is a pain in the ass

Lindsey and her fiancé are to be married Alton, IL which is where she originally hails from

KSHE songs Lindsey wanted to hear today:

Van Halen – Runnin’ With The Devil
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
Pink Floyd – Money

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