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Larry Hagedorn

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Name: Larry Hagedorn

From: St. Clair, MO

Works at: Fischer Oil Co. in Washington, MO

Larry has listened to KSHE since 1977 as a freshman in high school!

Larry loves how KSHE has been a huge part of his life! He says no other radio station can compare with how it has impacted his taste of music!

Larry loves the traditions KSHE has such as “Rock and Roll Weekend” on Fridays and “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving! He says in that in a country that is always changing, KSHE has remained something that everyone can rely on!

KSHE songs that get Larry through the day!

Bob Seger – Nut Bush City Limits; Nantucket – Heartbreaker; Head East – Never Been Any Reason; George Thorogood – Who Do You Love; Kiss – Detroit Rock City; Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy; Bad Company – GoneGone; Supertramp – Hide in Your Shell; Styx – Blue Collar Man

Congratulations to Larry Hagedorn from St Clair, MO, our "Listener of the Day”!

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