Real Rock Army

Larry Ainley Jr. of Mooresville, NC


Larry Ainley Jr. of Mooresville, NC joined the Real Rock Army today!

Larry thinks KSHE rocks and he has been listening and rocking since he was in the womb. His dad got him hooked on KSHE from birth. It was always on in the house, the car, and pretty much everywhere they were. Life just doesn’t feel right without KSHE in his life

Larry collects vinyl and loves to listen to albums in their entirety. He thanks Favazz for that

Larry loves the KSHE Klassics Show with the U-Man

Larry remembers listening to Mark Klose when he first started listening to KSHE back in the day with his dad in the 80s. He is glad Mark is back, as he missed him

Larry says it wouldn’t be the afternoon and Raising Cane’s without Lern

Larry says the KSHE staff is a dream team if he’s ever seen (listened) to one

Larry recently moved (because of his job) to North Carolina and he was so glad he was able to take KSHE with him. He says there is no other radio station that can even come close to touching KSHE out there

Larry is engaged to an amazing women that also loves KSHE. She picked up and moved to Mooresville, NC with him so they could start their new future

Larry works for Closed Loop Recycling and they recycle used oil

Larry loves his job, his family, his life, and soon to be wife

Larry is a collector of antiques, toys, vinyl, and wine

KSHE songs Larry wanted to hear today:

Billy Squier – The Stroke
Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Dio – Holy Diver

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