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Kevin Funke

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Name: Kevin Funke

From: Fenton, MO

Kevin works as a Client Executive for a large I.T. company. He has been an avid KSHE listener since the mid-70s. He loves listening to the Klassics Show, Lone Classics, and Favazz Files.

Kevin enjoys really listening to an entire album. He especially appreciates the deep tracks. KSHE has helped him develop that appreciation over the years. Kevin loves the variety of music KSHE plays! He loves hearing the mix of newer music with the classic songs he grew up with because it helps illustrate how music continues to evolve. 

Kevin has been married to his beautiful wife Sue for 30 years. He is a true redhead and will be making his 11th pilgrimage to Cabo for Sammy’s birthday bash!

KSHE songs that get Kevin through the day:

Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter
Sammy Hagar – One Way to Rock
Van Halen – Right Now
Gypsy – Dead and Gone
Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

Congratulations to Kevin Funke from Fenton, MO, our "Listener of the Day” today!

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