Real Rock Army

Katie DeClue of Festus, MO

Katie Declue Rra

Katie DeClue of Festus, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Katie loves how no matter what year or generation it may be, KSHE always plays true classic rock

Katie loves how all the KSHE DJs upbeat and friendly, but Lern is her favorite

Katie is a 29 year old rocker thru and thru and loves her KSHE preset

Katie’s dad turned her on to KSHE as a little girl when he would take her to school. Over the years they’ve started a “quiz game” for when they ride together. They get in the car, turn it to KSHE and quiz each other on the song/artist playing. This game between them has grown very close to her heart, as they totally bond over music

Katie is a crafty person, loves live music, and sees concerts as much as possible! A hobby of hers is to collect all the stubs from each show and she has tons

Katie is a vinyl collector

Katie says being part of the Real Rock Army would be so kick ass! Her dad would be truly proud as he raised her with such great tunes and a awesome radio station, KSHE 95

KSHE songs Katie wanted to hear today:

ZZ Top – La Grange
Foghat – Slow Ride
The Doobie Brothers – Black Water

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