Real Rock Army

Judy Hofer

Name: Judy Hofer

From: Fenton, MO

Works at: VA Help Desk

Judy has been a loyal KSHE listener since 1980. She says she got a late start listening to KSHE music, but once she got a taste of it, she couldn't stop. It's all she listens to now. She says KSHE’s music is timeless and loves that KSHE hasn't changed much on the type of music played.

Judy says being Listener of the Day is almost as good as being the DJ!

KSHE songs that get Judy through the day: 
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar 
Alice in Chains – Man in the Box
The Who – Mamma's Got a Squeeze Box
Rush – Freewill

Congratulations to Judy Hofer Listener of the Day for Wednesday, Rocktober 21, 2015!

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