Real Rock Army

JR Finnegan


Name: JR Finnegan

From: Orange Park, FL

About JR:

JR is a fan of U-Man and the KSHE Klassics Show

JR likes listening to the 7th Day on Sundays

JR remembers when KSHE would play The Beatles birthday song weekday mornings

JR moved out of St. Louis in 1988 to Atlanta. He says although Atlanta had a good rock station (at that time), it never quite compared to KSHE. Once he was able to stream KSHE, he was in heaven

JR now lives in Florida and even though he is far away, KSHE reminds him of home. He says it’s amazing that now that he is the parent, he still feels like a kid at heart when he hears one of his favorite songs. The picture is of him and his son

KSHE songs that get JR through the day:

Jerry Doucette – Mama Let Him Play
Sammy Hagar – Can’t Get Loose
Van Halen – Jamie’s Cryin’
REO Speedwagon – Golden Country
Triumph – If Only
Shooting Star – Breakout
Foreigner – Urgent
Tycoon – Drunken Sailor
Aldo Nova – Foolin’ Yourself
Ted Nugent – Great White Buffalo


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