Real Rock Army

Joshua Henson

Name: Joshua Henson

From: St Charles, MO

Works at: St. Peters Rec Plex as a Lifeguard

Joshua has been listening to KSHE since 1998 when he was born because of his father. He always has KSHE turned up no matter what he is doing. 

Joshua says he pinches pennies to buy up every rock vinyl, cassette, and CD he can come across. He now owns over 1000 cassettes and records. He says KSHE has shaped him musically as a person. 

Joshua loves the straight out Rock n Roll and everything KSHE does for fans and the community; along with all rock news and how KSHE cares about the music.

Joshua is a Boy Scout and a student at St. Charles West High School. He also takes Auto Service technology at Lewis and Clark Career Center. He enjoys nothing but tractors, his trucks and watching records spin while on the needle.

KSHE songs that get Joshua through the day: 
Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
Rush – 2112, Tom Sawyer, & Spirit of the Radio
Sammy Hagar – Plain Jain
ZZ Top – Tube Snake Boogie
AC/DC – Jailbreak
Van Halen – Beautiful Girls

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