Real Rock Army

Joseph Clements

Name: Joseph Clements

From: St. Louis, MO

Works at: Ferguson Florissant School District

KSHE gave Joseph his first taste of rock music in 1974 and he hasn’t stopped listening since! He loves that KSHE has stayed true to their format all of these years. 

Joseph loves listening to the KSHE Klassics Show on Sundays! He likes hearing music he may not have heard for a few decades. The Lone Klassic and U-Man are also his favorites.  

Joseph is a HUGE Who fan and can only get his fix from KSHE!

Joseph’s wife is also a huge KSHE fan! When he gets home from work he can hear KSHE cranked up! They love spending every weekend with their neighbors, playing cards and listening to KSHE. 

KSHE songs that get Joseph through the day: 
Rush – Red Barchetta
Mama’s Pride – Blue Mist
AC/DC – Who Made Who
The Who – Tommy, Who Are You? & Boris the Spider
Montrose – Bad Motorscooter

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