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Jon Hoerner

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Name: Jon Hoerner

From: St. Louis, MO

Works at: Charter Business as a Fiber Pricing Specialist

About Jon:

Jon has been listening to KSHE since he was 3-4 years old. My dad wouldn’t listen to anything else and I listen everyday!  He loves KSHE!

Jon listens to KSHE every day, usually via the KSHE app, and he attends many KSHE events!

Jon likes the variety of rock, JOHN, CARL, and LERN in the morning, Favazz in the afternoon, 7th with Favazz, Tommy T at night, Jon on the weekend afternoons, and the KSHE sponsored events!

Jon is a huge Van Halen fan! He says David Lee Roth (DIAMOND DAVE BABY!) is the real Van Halen…but he does love Sammy!

Jon loves going to concerts, weightlifting, nutrition, grilling, spending time with his mom, local bands Joe Dirt & The Dirty Boys and Superjam, and spending time with friends and my girlfriend!

KSHE songs that get Jon through the day:

Van Halen – Feel Your Love Tonight, Panama, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Ice Cream Man; RATT – Lay It Down, Back For More; Motley Crue – Looks That Kill, Wild Side; Aerosmith – Magic Touch, Dream On; Paul McCartney & Wings – Jet; Def Leppard – Too Late For Love; Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days

Congratulations to Jon Hoerner from St. Louis, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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