Real Rock Army

Jon Hild


Jon Hild of Florissant, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jon listens to KSHE all day while at work and enjoy listening to the all the music that gets played

Jon has been a fan off and on since 1975, listening to the various DJs including U-Man, Favazz, and Lern, and prior ones before that

Jon grew up to be open to all kinds of music from the 1950s throughout the current times. He is a true rock and roller and his favorite group is Led Zeppelin

Jon enjoys the stories, the music, the morning show, Party Town on Fridays, and KSHE Court

Jon has been blessed to attend multiple concerts with his wife at numerous venues including the stadiums, MRF, Union Station, and others. The last count was over 130 artists that they had seen

Jon has been married to his lovely wife for almost 39 years. They met in college, have two beautiful daughters, a great son-in-in-law, and two grandsons that have changed their lives

Jon has been a Financial Analyst / Accountant for many years since college. His wife is also an accountant

Jon and his wife enjoy all the different attractions that St. Louis offers and they love to travel when they get a chance. They go to concerts, musicals, plays, and sporting events and they love the Cardinals and Blues

KSHE songs Jon wanted to hear today:

Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Cheap Trick – I Want You to Want Me

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