Real Rock Army

John Popek Jr.

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Name: John Popek Jr.

From: Staunton, IL

Works at: Webb Plumbing in Collinsville

John began listening to KSHE since 1983 when he moved to Collinsville, IL!

John likes how KSHE doesn’t repeat any songs throughout the day! He loves listening to KSHE on Sunday mornings when he learns more KSHE Klassics!

John’s favorite band is AC/DC! He has seen them nine times!

John’s first sticker on his 64 Impala was a KSHE sticker! He thinks that that sticker helped keep his car together because he crashed it a lot!

KSHE songs that get John through the day:

Anything by AC/DC

Congratulations to John Popek Jr. from Staunton, IL, our "Listener of the Day”!

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