Real Rock Army

John Brendel

Name: John Brendel   

From: Belleville, IL                

Works at: John is a Diligence Coordinator at Mississippi Valley Securities and a part time Martial Arts Instructor at 3T Martial Arts. He is also in the Civil Air Patrol.

John has been a KSHE listener since the late 70s. He has KSHE on at his desk or in the car all day long. He loves the 7th day and says you won't find a more loyal listener than him!

John likes that KSHE is always true to rock and does not compromise the playlist with anything that is not rock. It is his foundation of consistency in a chaotic world.

John is married and has a 17 year old son who also appreciates KSHE!

KSHE songs that get John through the day:

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, Learning to Fly

Rush – Subdivisions, YYZ

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

ZZ Top – Waiting for the Bus

Van Halen – Hot for Teacher

Sammy Hagar – I Can't Drive 55

Golden Earing – Radar Love

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