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Joe Zoller of Gainesville, GA

Joe Zoller Rra

Joe Zoller of Gainesville, GA joined the Real Rock Army today!

Joe says KSHE is the best station in St. Louis! It is one of the only non-stop, all classic rock stations out there and available for streaming. It is also the only radio station that he can listen to without ever feeling like he needs to change the station

Joe teaches physics at the Village School in Houston, Texas, having taught all over the country from Wisconsin to Georgia and of course for a little bit in St. Louis. His hope and goal is to one day return to finish his career at a private school in the St. Louis area and live out the remainder of his years there

Joe married his high school sweetheart when they were seniors in college and they have been happily together for about 32 years now, married for nearly 28 of those

Joe and his wife have five children, two of which live out west on their own and one who is married. They still have three at home, ages 16, 14, and 12

Joe doesn’t have much in the way of hobbies anymore (maybe occasionally playing guitar & bass) because he has significant health issues which means he expends nearly all of his energy working to provide for his family

Joe has the blessing / misfortune of belonging to the rare group of “CRPS Warriors.” His website,, documents his health saga, but whenever he is physically able, he does motivational speaking to help others gain strength against their adversity, whatever that may be. For him, it means getting up every work day and still doing what he must to support his family while coping with the most painful medical condition known to modern science. (Google image search something called the “McGill Pain Scale)

Joe says Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is still largely misunderstood; there are not enough of those who have it to justify a bigger campaign like you see with diabetes, cancer, or other conditions that lawyers and the pharmaceutical industry use to make money. Worse, because there is such a stigma relating to use of pain medication, society will often lump “CRPS Warriors” together with junkies looking for a fix. Unfortunately, although he is taking a potent opioid and has a pacemaker-like device surgically-implanted and connected to his spinal cord, feeling any kind of pleasure is a rare thing for him

Joe wants everyone to know that making lemonade from lemons really doesn’t mean much without adding a ton of sugar as well. He looks for that sugar wherever he can find it … a loving & supportive wife, a satisfying job, an opportunity to brighten someone’s day, and of course, great rock n’ roll from KSHE

Joe loves spending time with his family, and keeping up with his favorite sports teams, with the Cardinals and Blues at the top of his list. He does enjoy occasionally getting out to a Cardinals or Blues game or going to a concert

Joe says that when he dies, he wants his ashes dumped somewhere in the outfield of Busch Stadium

KSHE songs Joe wanted to hear today:

Eagles – Hotel California
Lynyrd Skynyrd – What’s Your Name
Boston – More Than A Feeling

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