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Joe “Mopar” Wisdom

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Name: Joe “Mopar” Wisdom

From: Bradenton, Florida

Works at: Dump Truck Driver for SLC Trucking

Mopar grew up his whole life rocking to KSHE! In his eyes, there is only one radio station on the air and that is KSHE 95! Mopar is a loyal KSHE listener and will be for life!

Mopar loves everything about KSHE; what’s not to like? Friday mornings are a staple in his household party town!

KSHE songs that get Joe through the day: 
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
Metallica – One
AC/DC – Jail Break & Who Made Who
Bob Seger – Turn the Page
Megadeath – Sweating Bullets & Symphony of Destruction 
ZZ Top – Tush & Cheap Sunglasses
Rush – Tom Sawyer

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