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Joe Helton

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Name: Joe Helton

From: Webster Groves, MO

Works at: Nestle Purina as a contract computer programmer

About Joe:

Joe started listening to KSHE around 1978.

When Joe got his first car, he would only allow KSHE on the radio.

Joe loves to listen to KSHE on the way to and from work, while doing yard work, and on long bike rides.

Joe says KSHE is the “best damn rock station on the planet”!

KSHE songs that get Joe through the day:

Rush – Freewill, Entre Nous; Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man; Yes – Starship Trooper, Roundabout; Pink Floyd – Time; Triumph – I Can Survive; Led Zeppelin – That’s The Way; Bad Company – Crazy Circles; Uriah Heep – The Wizard

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