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Joe “Joey G” Gierer

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Name: Joe “Joey G” Gierer

From: Imperial, MO

About Joe:

Joe says he is born, bread and dedicated to KSHE and only KSHE! He has listened since November of 1967. He can still remember how exciting it was waiting for it to come on the air and he has listened since day 1

Joe loves the way KSHE has stuck to their guns and have never stopped rocking since day 1. He says we have stuck to our way of rocking and we refuse to change no matter who buys us out or where we move. He will never forget all those late night parties at the window in Crestwood. He says it was the best way to get a request on the radio. You took care of your DJ and he would take care of you

Joe’s favorite is the Klassics Show on Sunday’s. It brings back a lot of memories for him

Joe says that anything that KSHE plays gets him through his days

Joe is a machinist at Standard Machine at Big Bend and Hwy 44. He has been employed there for over 23 years and says it is the best place to work. The owners and supervisors are a bunch of great guys to work for. The best is the owner Jeremy Deutsch and the rest of the brothers that work there

Joe has been married to the most wonderful wife in the world and her name is Nora. She has put up with him and KSHE for over 26 years. She is his rock and they have two kids … Meagan and Joe Jr., that call Steve

KSHE songs that get Joe through the day:

Joe is a big fan of the early rock like Jefferson Airplane, Steely Dan, Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers, Aerosmith, and Lynyrd Skynyrd


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