Real Rock Army

Jo Wottowa


Name: Jo Wottowa

From: Freeburg, IL 

Works at: Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville as a media specialist

Jo has been a faithful KSHE listener since he was in sixth grade. He used to spend all his cutting grass on Sweetmeat and KSHE shirts!

Every Tuesday, Jo would fall asleep with a radio tucked under is pillow so he could listen to Monday Night Metal!

Jo loves how KSHE plays rock and roll without adhering to any subgenera! If it’s guitar rock, it’s on KSHE 95! KSHE has truly been the soundtrack to Jo’s life!

Jo says John and Lern make his morning commute much easier.  

KSHE songs that get Jo through the day: 
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Sammy Hagar – Bad Motor Scooter
Alice Cooper – No More Mr Nice Guy
Judas Priest – Breaking the Law
Molly Hatchet – Flirting with Disaster

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