Real Rock Army

Jim “Peanuts” Whaley of Desloge, MO


Jim “Peanuts” Whaley of Desloge, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jim has been listening to KSHE since the early 70s … all the way through his junior high and high school years and marriage of 42 years to his wife Janet

Jim raised 3 kids and they all listen to KSHE some and he has been introducing the grandkids to classic rock

Jim remembers going to the old Crestwood studios to get tickets

Jim was at the KSHE Kite Fly’s with Charlie Daniels, Rush and Kiss

Jim likes the KSHE Klassics Show and the 7th Day

Jim is retired now and likes to play golf, spending time with his wife, swimming with the grandkids and just enjoying life

Jim worked 30 something years of shift work and KSHE got him through a lot of evenings and midnight shifts

Jim lives in a little town, Desloge, about 65 miles south of St. Louis and he has lived there all his life

Jim says as a member of Desloge Jaycees, back in the 80s, they played KSHE in a softball game to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House

KSHE songs Jim wanted to hear today:

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Charlie Daniels – Long Haired Country Boy
Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song

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