Real Rock Army

Jim McMahon of St. Charles, MO


Jim McMahon of St. Charles, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jim says what really got him listening to KSHE regularly was one day in 1987 when his friend was playing a KSHE classics cassette in the car on the way to school. The music blew him away and his favorite song was Billy Thorpe’s Children of the Sun. KSHE has been a preset on his stereo ever since.

Jim likes that KSHE is the only radio station in St. Louis who has kept the same programming format, and done so successfully, since he can remember … and that’s a long time

Jim also likes that a number of the on air staff have stayed consistent for so long, because so often in radio, the listeners are constantly having to adapt to new personalities and the familiarity of the KSHE staff is something he appreciates

Jim saw KSHE t-shirts and bumper stickers everywhere when he was growing up

Jim says KSHE is a St. Louis institution and is as much a part of the culture of our city as our sports, our beer, and our local cuisine

Jim is a single father of a 13 year old daughter

Jim works for GFI Digital in Maryland Heights as a Sales Administrator

Jim likes to golf when he can and enjoys going to the movies and attending concerts

Jim enjoys attending Cardinals and Blues games as often as possible

Jim loves to just get in his car and cruise around town visiting old hang outs and reminiscing about growing up in St. Louis while listening to KSHE letting the music transport him to different places and different times in his life

KSHE songs Jim wanted to hear today:

Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly
James Gang – Funk #49
Van Halen – Panama

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