Real Rock Army

Jim Allen

Name: Jim Allen

From: High Ridge, MO

Works at: Jim works at Karmark in Carlinville, but works remotely from his home in High Ridge 60% of the time. Its 95 miles to work. Coincidence? He thinks not!

Jim started listening to KSHE in 1979 and was hooked! He associates so many great times and events in his life with KSHE playing in the background.

Jim loves that KSHE hasn’t forgotten their roots. He says rock and roll has changed a lot over the years, but KSHE does an awesome job of blending the new with the old.

Jim enjoys hearing U-Man on the air and loves his St. Louis legend status! 

Jim and his friends to a trip to the old KSHE building just to see where the magic happened. They couldn’t believe it was such a small building and decided it was a decoy which made KSHE that much more legendary and mysterious! 

KSHE songs that get Jim through the day: 
Rush – Any song, especially Spirit of the Radio
Metallica – Sad But True
Bob Seager – Turn the Page

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