Real Rock Army

Jessie Thurwater Ponder


Name: Jessie Thurwater Ponder

From: South St. Louis, MO 

Works at: Ascension Ventures in Clayton

Jessie imagines she’s been listening to KSHE since birth! She listens all day at work and while she’s doing chores and making dinner at home. She plays KSHE even louder when one of her favorite songs is on! The only downfall is she is frequently caught playing air guitar and drums by colleagues. 

Jessie loves that KSHE has stood the test of time and stayed true to Rock and Roll! She loves listening to John and Lern and the crap Lern gives John; she thinks it keeps him in line. 

Jessie enjoys spending time with her 9-year old son, husband of 18 years, and their cat. Her son often tells her she is addicted to KSHE!

KSHE songs that get Jessie through the day: 
Tom Petty – American Girl
Bob Seger – Come to Poppa
Bruce Springsteen – Rosalita
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

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