Real Rock Army

Jessica Holliday of Staunton, IL

Jessica Holliday Rra

Jessica Holliday of Staunton, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jessica says KSHE plays literally the best variety of classic rock she’s ever had the pleasure of hearing on the radio. It seems like no matter what mood she’s in, KSHE plays the exact songs she needs to hear

Jessica has two children around ten years old … one boy and one girl. They think her music is weird and she finds that hilarious

Jessica loves to ride her bike and listen to music

Jessica works with her boyfriend most of the time doing all types of random jobs

Jessica says books are absolutely one of her favorite things in the whole world. She reads them, writes them, and draws them

KSHE songs Jessica wanted to hear today:

Def Leppard – Hysteria
Alice Cooper – Poison
Steve Miller Band – The Joker

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