Real Rock Army

Jeremiah Gamboa

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Name: Jeremiah Gamboa

From: Highland, IL

Occupation: U.S. Army – Active Duty

About Jeremiah:

Jeremiah has been listening to KSHE since July of 1995!

Jeremiah enjoys the KSHE music selection and all of the DJs!

KSHE is the only radio station Jeremiah listens to, and that will never change!

KSHE songs that get Jeremiah through the day:

REO Speedwagon – Keep Pushin’; Three Dog Night – Shambala; Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes; Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell; Blackfoot – Highway Song; Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb; Motley Crue – Too Young To Fall In Love; Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man; Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike; Dokken – Dream Warriors

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