Real Rock Army

Jeff Weingarz of Sycamore, IL


Jeff Weingarz of Sycamore, IL joined the Real Rock Army today … brought to you by Miracle Ear – Helping St. Louis Hear A Better Day!

Jeff says KSHE plays the music he grew up on. There are no other radio stations in the Midwest with anything close to a similar format

Jeff is married to a wonderful wife who lets him be him and who also gave birth to his wonderful daughter who amazes him every day

Jeff works to live, and tries his best not to live to work. When not working, he is playing guitar, singing, dabbling on his drum set, picking up mandolin and keyboard, hiking, biking, basketball, traveling (preferably to the mountains to hike), having fun with friends and family and listening to KSHE. He tries his best to live life as it should be

KSHE songs Jeff wanted to hear today:

AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill
Van Halen – Eruption / You Really Got Me
Heart – Barracuda

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