Real Rock Army

Jeannie Arsenault of Alton, IL

Jeannie Arsenault Rra

Jeannie Arsenault of Alton, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Jeannie like that KSHE keeps it real and doesn’t play music the other stations play

Jeannie’s favorite Christmas gift was a KSHE jersey she received in 1993 that had Sweetmeat on it

Jeannie says her family has always listened to KSHE and they even had a dog named KSHE

Jeannie loves KSHE so much, she told her fiancée that she wanted Sweetmeat and the KSHE crew to officiate their wedding

Jeannie’s fiancée was the Hero of the Day on November 26, 2019. She submitted him and never told him she did it and when he heard you say his name and read what she wrote, he about cried

Jeannie says KSHE is the only station that gets played in her house and her two youngest kids, who are 2 and 3, love it too

Jeannie says that Pink Floyd gets her through life. There is no greater band and no greater music … they speak to your soul

Jeannie asks, whats better than going camping and fishing along the river with KSHE playing? Absolutely nothing!

KSHE songs Jeannie wanted to hear today:

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd – Young Lust
Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell

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