Real Rock Army

Jeanne Amann

Name: Jeanne Amann

From: Belleville, IL

Works at: Clayborne, Sabo, & Wagner Law Firm

Jeanne has been listening to KSHE for seven years! She was originally drawn to KSHE for the concert announcements, but was hooked after her first El Monstero show!

KSHE rocks Jeanne’s world! She loves listening to U-Man, Lern and Favazz! She was impressed to meet Favazz at an El Monstero meet and greet over the summer since he was supposed to be on vacation. It meant a lot to her since she loves the Daily Dose! 

Jeanne is a huge Pink Floyd fan who naturally loves El Monstero. She has only missed one show in the last seven years and has made it a point to see Joe Dirt, Celebration Day, Super Jam and any other affiliated bands. 

Jeanne is married to the most wonderful man in the world and they have four wonderful children! Her husband’s motto is "Happy Wife, Happy Life" so what more could she ask for?! 

KSHE songs that get Jeanne through the day: 
Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar
Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe
Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt
Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot
Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

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